DULAAR cares.

DULAAR cares.

DULAAR cares.

Conscious parenting is a concept that has taken the baby world by storm today. New parents are privy to various rules that might baffle older generations, with terms such as ‘GOTS Certified’ and ‘Azo-free dyes’. The rise of such terms in recent years have made new parents question and educate themselves on everything from sustainable parenting practices to nourishing children with healthy attachment styles. 


A careful culmination of Eastern and Western philosophies, this new-age parenting blends aspects of the two and is widely adopted today. It places value on viewing children as independent human beings capable of autonomy from earlier ages, and also focuses on utilizing eco-friendly measures wherever possible in all aspects of parenting. It is incorporated into every part of child-rearing. Parents attempt to inculcate values of conscious consumption and ecologically conscious decision-making in children from a young age to normalize doing one’s part for a greener environment.  

At DULAAR, our 100% organic cotton and muslin clothing are a nod to this philosophy, along with our focus on ethical, slow fashion. Our clothes are stitched from the finest materials, grown via healthy practices that reduce the environmental impact. You as customers have the opportunity to act as the vehicle of change and help raise little ones that are intelligent and ready for adventure. We understand the need for catering to the new-age needs of babies today, and therefore our carefully sourced materials and durable garments are made long-lasting, with immense generational value. 

However, the focus lies beyond just choosing the very best clothes for you little ones. It’s also important for your child to develop creative and logical thinking skills, possible only through hands-on play, something that’s becoming increasingly harder to teach children in this age of fast-paced technology. That’s why we believe in the importance of the Montessori Method, and have adorable, gorgeous wooden toys for your child’s journey. These toys are open-ended and therefore stimulate learning, encouraging children to experiment, build their own worlds, and hone their motor skills. This method has rave reviews, and rightly so. Not only does playing with these wooden toys aid in concentration and dexterity, they are also an appealing alternative from gadgets, with their cheerful appearance and perfect finish. 

While Conscious Parenting was considered to be widely ‘Western’ concept for the longest time, it is no longer so. It has caught on in India as well, with parents eager to adopt thoughtful mechanisms. There’s an understanding of the value of the same and more and more Indian parents are concerned with providing their little ones with the very best, while ensuring that they do their bit for the planet. But why is this catching on now? There are a variety of reasons. This generation has a strong focus on accountability and believes in holding people to a certain standard. We are more concerned than ever about inclusive clothing, human rights and welfare, sustainable trade practices and more. We place value on aspects that we didn’t earlier, due to increased consciousness. There is no dearth of parents in India who are willing to go that extra mile for their children’s clothing, as long as the values behind them align with theirs. 

That is why, at DULAAR , we aim to be that very brand - the one that cares. We have understood the need for such a brand, and we strive to provide you with options in India itself. We solemnly abide by fair and ethical trade practices and adequate wages, utilizing azo-free dyes, hypoallergenic material and plastic-free packaging. DULAAR is the home-grown, woman-led brand you’ve been looking for, that strives to cater to your little one’s every need.


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