DULAAR is thoughtfully designed.

DULAAR is thoughtfully designed.

DULAAR is thoughtfully designed.

DULAAR - the word itself brings forth sentiments of adoration and love. Here at DULAAR, we bring together ideas and feelings, with values we hold dear. 

The ever-growing popularity of the term ‘Organic Cotton’ has deep roots - quite literally. Going back to age-old practices and sustainable farming ideologies, Organic Cotton is grown and harvested without using fertilizers or pesticides. Not only does using Organic Cotton in our clothing help the environment and create a safer future for your little ones, it also ensures that your baby’s skin is exposed to the softest fabric. Comfortable babies = Happy babies! The soft finish and feel guarantees maximum comfort, durability and is the perfect accompaniment to boisterous playtimes and relaxing naps alike.  

The silken feel of our clothes does not, in fact, reduce over time, making it perfect for long-term, ecologically-conscious usage as well as cherished hand-me-downs. What makes our clothes Heirloom Quality? Is it the use of the finest materials, ranging from delicate and natural South African yarn to locally curated materials, or the nostalgic value they are sure to attain after your little one is all grown up? The love and compassion running through the fabrics of the clothes is only bound to increase over time, supplemented by the memories you create in your moments of joy. The magic they encompass will percolate to generations beyond, passed on as beloved heirlooms

But if this isn’t testament enough of our commitment to providing you with a thoughtful luxury baby clothing experience, maybe our Eye for Detail will better illustrate it. 

We believe in fine-tuning our products to perfection, something we strive to accomplish in every aspect. Our 100% plastic-free packaging is a step towards a healthier environment, as are our crisp canvas tags and craft ribbon alternatives. To reduce our paper usage, we maximize the usage of our garments to print vital information. Your baby’s comfort and happiness is of utmost importance to us, and thus our garments have extra buttons to ensure their soft skin remains protected at all times. Not only that, but our fabrics undergo a unique process to soften them even further, leading to products that are smoother than even muslin and are distinctly soft. But while these aspects are vital, we aim to provide aesthetically pleasing baby clothing options as well, ensured by our use of cleverly concealed zippers and specifically dyed and colour coordinated buttons. We use Coconut shell buttons due to their tough nature that results in durability and a smoky wooden finish, whereas our mother-of-pearl (nacre) buttons are naturally elegant, glowing iridescently and shining gorgeously. They lend a captivating allure to any garment, irrespective of their small size, and enhance the soft colours of our clothes. Glossy, lustrous and high-quality, they lend an air of grace. While they are aesthetically pleasing and captivating with their glow, they are also long-lasting and efficient. 

While all these factors are vital in making DULAAR what it is, the voices of our founders lend us more power. DULAAR is a 100% Women Owned and Run company with our three brilliant and enterprising founders. Bringing together their plethora of ideas and visions, DULAAR is here to make its unique imprint on the world, one baby step at a time.


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